We're on a Mission to Green the World
by Planting Trees Together

Take Responsibility. Join us today.


1. Join Foresteer

There are a variety of ways in which you can help Greening the World. But the most important one is: take action.

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2. Buy a Tree

Buy a tree from our webshop, let our farmers plant it for you, and follow it’s journey online.


3. Share Foresteer

You, your time, knowledge & network are what make us successful in Greening the World.

Green Spots are the Solution

Trees have incredible restorative power. Therefore, we create Green Spots with local communities. By creating Green Spots we are able to contribute to a healthier climate, help reforestation, protect biodiversity and improve the soil of our earth. In the long-term, we will help to restore land after environmental disasters, grow organic food and create job opportunities.

We Make a Difference

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Green Spots located in Siwa Oasis

sustainable projects

Trees planted in the desert areas. The goal is millions.


Valuable partnerships


Tonnes (1000 kg) CO2 compensated


Years of research, concept development and planting trees

Have us plant your trees today

Our tree product is unique! When you donate these trees this will include:

It’s important to us that we don’t just plant trees. We want to change lives and allow future generations to benefit from the Green Spots that we create for years to come.

Our Green Spots

Foresteer was created in 2018 with a clear mission: helping nature recover by creating water and improving the soil in some of the driest areas. By creating water in these areas and using top-notch techniques, Foresteer is able to plant trees in areas that were once thought to be forgotten. We’ve chosen to work with the driest areas because that’s where we can make the biggest impact. 

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