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Greening the desert is a challenging task. We need your participation.
Become a Friend of Foresteer and help us plant millions of trees worldwide.

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Plant (many) trees

You can support Foresteer’s mission by buying a plant in our shop, which we will then plant for you. 


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Want to contribute to Greening the World through a long-term funding or a donation?

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Foresteer for Business

We work closely with businesses that want to do something great for the environment.


Join the team

You can lend us a helping hand in one of our local projects, share knowledge and/material or help in any other way.


Get Carbon Credits

Compensate your carbon offset by buying our carbon credits. We make sure that each credit equals 1.000 kilos of CO2. You will receive a Foresteer certificate with your name on it.


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You, your time, knowledge & network are what make us successful in Greening the World.

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