Buy a tree

You can help us by buying a well-taken care of sapling or tree from our webshop. Once purchased, one of our farmers will plant it at one of our projects.

How does it work?

We’re on a mission to make the world a greener place. You can participate by donating our unique Green Spot Trees. After we’ve received your order, a local farmer will plant your tree at one of our Green Spots.

Our tree product is unique! When you donate these trees this will include:

  • Acquire desert land
  • Build eco-village for families & volunteers
  • Buy tools, compost, and organic fertilizers
  • Buy a seedling, sapling, or a tree
  • Plant the tree
  • Take care of the tree for 99+ years

We’re currently developing the Foresteer Database. After you’ve bought a large sized plant and one of our farmers has planted it, it will be geolocated, photographed and added to the database. Here you will be able to follow the rest of your trees journey. Subscribe to our newsletter if you’d like to know when we’ve finished the development of the Database.

What will your donation be used for?

Your donation will be used to plant trees, or purchase any other item that you have bought via our webshop. However, we do not just plant trees. We want future generations to be able to benefit from it as well. Therefore, we only plant trees that are at least one year old. By doing this, we give them a higher survivability rate. Each tree will be carefully planted in a well-prepared planting location. We also make sure the tree will be part of a biodiverse forest. 

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Why trees?

We strongly believe that trees are the lungs of the earth. The reason for this is that trees absorb CO2 and store it in their wood. At the same time, trees release clean oxygen, promote biodiversity, provide fresh drinking water and create a home for thousands of species of plants and animals. Alongside, planting trees has an incredible local impact. Some examples are: a healthier soil, more organic food, jobs, and cleaner (drinking) water.


Make a donation

Our mission is reforestation by creating Green Spots with local farmers. Thanks to your donation, we can Green the World and spread awareness all over the world. You can help us by buying a tree, or making a donation.

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Greening the desert is a challenging task. We need your help.
Become a friend of Foresteer and help us plant millions of trees worldwide.

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