Green Spots

We work with local communities to create Green Spots, thereby protecting biodiversity, creating jobs and allowing nature to reboot itself.

What are Green Spots?
It all starts with trees

We’re on a mission to Green the World by creating Green Spots in areas that need it the most. These Green Spots are created by planting trees with local communities. In our Green Spots, we make use of all nature’s elements. Combined with new energy- and water-saving techniques we’re able to create a long-lasting impact, so future generations can benefit from them as well.

We do more than putting a seed in the ground.
We make sure our Green Spots survive for future generations.

Green Spots Characteristics

Tree icon copy

No Pesticides

sustainable projects

Mostly Organic Materials


Usage of Clay to Prevent Water Loss


Solar Energy


Usage of Newest Technologies

What we want to achieve with Green Spots:

Creating a real impact is one of Foresteer’s main goals. We want to achieve this by focussing on the driest and most barren parts of the world. By developing multiple green spots in these areas, we will be able to create the biggest impact possible, which includes:

Green Spot Locations

Trees provide significant benefits to our everyday lives. We can help save our earth from climate change and biodiversity loss by planting trees. Alongside this, planting trees has a number of benefits for society. Together we can make a difference. Help us plant trees today, take action.

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