Take Action

There are many ways in which you can help Foresteer.

But the most important is: Take Action.

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Buy a Sapling or Tree

Buy a tree from our webshop, let our farmers plant it for you, and follow it’s journey online.


Afforest One Acre of Desert

Be a forester and afforest one or more acres of desert. 


Generate Solar Energy For Carbon Credits

The carbon credits will then purchased by businesses who want to contribute to a Greener World.


Offer Your Services to Foresteer

We’re growing and we need your help. Whether it’s suggesting something, helping at a local project, doing research or taking care of our plants, any help is welcome!

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Invite someone to become a Friend of Foresteer and share with your network.


Plant a Tree on Your Land

Do you have an open space in your garden? Then we’d love to plant one of our trees in it!



Sell a service or an item that you don’t need anymore via our marketplace and donate a part to Foresteer.


Adopt a Piece of Desert or Tropical Forest

By adopting a piece of our land you will help us in planting new trees and taking care of them.

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